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Top 10 Best Minecraft Castles

Today: It’s All About the best Minecraft castles!

Minecraft is a world based on creativity and there are people from all walks of life, creating amazingly detailed and well-crafted worlds.

The castles hold special esteem inside the world of Minecraft however, the detail is mind boggling and so is the amount of time they take to create.

These best Minecraft castles resemble the extraordinary amount of time dedicated by the players, (and they are truly extraordinary.)

The winner’s circle is a bit tight on space.

10. (Wildcard) Almor Castle:

10 - Best Minecraft Castle

This building is quite enormous, by exact count it’s actually 440 blocks long and 180 blocks tall.

The Minecraft builder claims this beast took over 2 months to build by hand!

The interior is well non-existent which keeps it out of the higher echelons of this list, but it’s hard to be disappointed by.

The outside?

It’s nothing short of grandiose complete with a Minecraft lord reigning over his massive kingdom.

You have to wonder where he sleeps though without an inside.


Download this castle

9.Warucia Castle

9 - Best Minecraft Castle


…this castle is camped squarely on top of a large cliff; check that, a very large cliff. Which makes sense, as it’s gigantic.

The picturesque scene features tall steeples which guard a very detailed interior, though it’s still technically “outside” if you follow me.

There’s no roof you see.

There’s a lot of intricacy that would make this thing nearly impenetrable if it existed in real life due to its singular entrance and very high walls.

Downright impressive, this one is.

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8 - Best Minecraft Castle

Sometimes simple names work best I suppose. And this one simply resembles a church. (Just saying.)

It has a central entrance hall with a wide berth and a very tall ceiling; this extends back to other long hallways that move out to each side and into the enclosed courtyard.

The back houses a nice, enclosed throne room, so you can go and play king if you want. I guess I should say or “queen” also to be politically correct. You get the point though.

It’s a nice touch to see the inside roofed in and the dark aura seems pretty realistic.

I have to give the builder some credit for that, it’s well done.

Download this castle

7. Epic Medieval Castle

7 - Best Minecraft Castle

You better have yourself together if you’re going to call your build “epic.”

Thankfully, this build doesn’t disappoint. Although I would hesitate to label this one as just a castle.

Castle town is more like it.

I am definitely reminded of an ancient Scottish fiefdom by the style and architecture; both fit well with the sprawling campus that was created.

You can walk through each little area from the opening bridge and up the castle along a mountainside where it’s built into.

The appearance of this castle of against a mountainside was a clever differentiator.

Download this castle

6.Castillo Isla Alta

6 - Best Minecraft Castle

Another one I would call more of a keep than a castle because it’s just so damn big.

The structure takes up the entirety of the island, and as the name suggests, it’s a tall one.

It also brings new meaning to the word formidable; I can’t imagine how many cannons it would take to breach this keep.

The red and yellow coloring on the steeple draws your eye to the intricacies in the architecture and your attention to the staggering amount of work that went into this.

The ship waiting in the harbor is detailed also; and fitting addition to this build.

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5.The Lonely Castle

5 - Best Minecraft Castle

It doesn’t get lonelier than inside an inaccessible mountain range right?

That’s smack dab where this castle landed.

It’s very tall, even when compared with the others on this list; it’s taller than the mountains that surround it!

The detail and design are characteristically complex and it’s actually just as detailed on the inside as the outside. Well thought our walkways with torchlights make for a believable setting.

The only thing that would be tough to believe it that someone escaped this thing!

Could be a castle or a prison; look for it on the Minecraft top 10 prison list as well.

Download this castle

4.Vitruvian Castle

4 - Best Minecraft Castle

Working our way down our best Minecraft castles list lands us here. This standout castle uses a smooth, polished design and wood accents to really make the scene jump out at you.

The windows are quite unique on this model and using the wood come out as more detailed, especially overlooking the central courtyard.

A winding staircase makes its way through a dense forest up to this one; it ends up looking like a ray of hope as you finally arrive after the forest trek.

Though you’ll have to sleep outside here too it appears.

Aww shucks.

Download this castle

3.Thalvon Land of Kings

3 - Best Minecraft Castle

How could you not like a castle with a Dragon Statue as a focal point?

Making its way onto our Best Minecraft Castles list this one has that and plenty more. The area is huge and the architecture is interesting.

While being characteristically castle-like, it is so cleverly crafted that it almost confuses the eye when you look at it quickly.

It’s a beautiful thing really, and I wish I knew how the builder did it.

Got winding hallways, multiple levels and as I said a dragon.


Download this castle

2. Medieval City: Cathedral, Palace, Castle

2 - Best Minecraft Castle

This thing is truly epic; I mean it’s a castle city!

There is so much to explore and the best time to do it would be at night as the scene is extraordinary.

The lighting arrangement is truly magical and feat of wizardry for this city.

There’s even a great hall in one of the buildings that is quite Harry-Potter-esque. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

There are so many building to explore and you can easily get lost in it.

This is good.

Download this castle

1.Hear me Roar

1 - Best Minecraft Castle

This castle is number 1 because…well it floats! In the air! Like it just doesn’t care!

And a few other things as well.

The red and gray brick color scheme is arranged to in a stunning, stoic manner that makes you not want to look away.

At night it looks like only parts of the castle are there, just floating on a sea of darkness.

Even a moat surrounds the inner wall, interestingly placed inside the keep itself.

Plus since it floats, take your flying taxi here to see it.

Download this castle

Your turn.

These builds are some of the most epic to ever grace Minecraft and the task of ranking them sometimes seems as hard as crafting them.

But they are begging to be explored, admired, plundered and used. You can download them all and experience for yourself!

Let us know in the comments which of these Best Minecraft Castles is your favorite

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