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Love a free game? Here’s my run down of the BEST free to play games…

We all love a free game every now and then:

That’s why I’ve put together this list of some of the best free to play games of 2015 in ranking order.

In this article:

  • We look at the best free to play games of 2015
  • List the reasons why each of them made it onto our list
  • Looked at their best and worse attributes
  1. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Best free to play games. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a mythical castle attack and defend game.

The reason why it’s on this list?

Because it has a huge variety of combinations for your castle’s defences.


The same varieties can be applied to enemy castle’s making some of them very hard to loot.

Once you hit the higher levels that is when you will start The Mighty Quest to retrieve some truly Epic Loot and you can start to earn bigger and better monsters that will:

  • defend your castle
  • attack enemies
  • prevent looters from stealing your “Epic Loot”.
  1. Team Fortress 2

This game needs no introduction:

Best free to play games - Team Fortress 2

It has been one of the most popular free to play games for many years…

That is because of the constant replayability, humour and gameplay.

Team fortress 2 is another attack and defend game but it has many modes that follow the same principles.

If you still don’t know why Team Fortress 2 is on this list then you need to download it and enjoy the endless fun and cosmetic items that this quirky game has to offer.

  1. Nosgoth

Nosgoth is a fantasy medieval shooter.

Best free to play games - Nosgoth2014

A team of humans armed with immense weaponry battle a group of vampires blessed with inhuman powers such as super strength.

Both teams have five characters to play and each have their own individual;

  • Abilities
  • Weapons
  • Playstyles.

Nosgoth is one this list because I feel like it has a unique art style and lore that many shooters don’t.

Unlike most shooters,

This game is heavily reliant on teamwork which means it is difficult to work alone because the Vampires will tear you to shreds.

  1. Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals is a WWII shooter that takes place in many historical areas.

Best free to play games - heroesandgenerals

Heroes & Generals is much different to other free to play shooters out there because it has a much bigger playing field.

The leveling system is interesting as it allows you to branch into different divisions of the Military such as;

  • “Armoured Division”
  • “Air Force”
  • “Scout”


Upon reaching the rank of “General” your role is to play a more tactical game where you and your teammates use strategy to drive the opposition back and achieve you goal.

  1. World of Warships

Best free to play games - world of warships

World of Warships is a historical war game where you are at the helm of some of the biggest and baddest warships known to man.

What I most like about World of Warships

Is the tier system that you have to climb in order to reach the most badass ships.

Currently there are only two nations that have full tiers and different types of ships. The four ship classes are

  • Aircraft Carriers

Which hold planes that can bomb or torpedo enemy ships,

  • Cruisers

Which are all round ships with good firepower and survivability,

  • Battleships

These ships are the tanks of naval warfare and superior firepower

  • Destroyers

These are the nimble but deadly ships armed with dangerous torpedoes that can devastate enemies but also friendlies if they cross the firing line.

  1. War Thunder

War thunder is again another historical game

Best free to play games - War Thunder

But what makes it different?

Unlike other tank games such as World of Tanks, War Thunder requires you study the tanks anatomy in order to hit the weakest parts of the tanks or the place that will damage the most internal parts.

War Thunder also gives you, the player the control of aircraft. Again, like the tanks it requires actual thought when taking part in aerial combat.

Each aircraft has its weakness that you can take advantage of when taking on the enemy.

Why is this on the list you may be wondering.

well it’s because this game provides you with real historical knowledge of both tank and aircraft battles as well as the anatomy of each individual tank from three nations and the anatomy of planes from 5 nations.

  1. Block N Load

Block N Load is an arena style attack and defence game

Best free to play games - block n load

With multiple playable characters that share some blocks with other characters but each have their own unique block with defensive or offensive capabilities.

Block N Load has a similar art style to the popular open world game Minecraft but with a structural destructive system,

For example digging out the bottom of a building will cause the whole thing to explode in a fun and exciting way.

Why I think Block N Load belongs on the list.

The art style and variety in difficulty means that sometimes you have to sit back and plan an exciting attack strategies which then changes the outcome of the game’s timings.

  1. League of Legends

This game was bound to appear on the best free game list because of the sheer popularity of this MOBA.

Best free to play games - league

League of Legends has been a popular game for a long time

It’s very uncommon if you haven’t seen gameplay for it.

The vast array of champions with their own abilities and playstyle provides a very unique experience for every game.

Why is this game on the list is an unnecessary question.

Because every game is different but for me the lore for each champion adds lots of interesting moments for the game.

I have been playing this game for a long long time and the satisfaction you can get is unbeaten.

  1. Warframe

This space ninja shooter was beautifully put together with huge amounts of backstory and lore.

Best free to play games - warframe

Warframe has you control a suit with multiple abilities called a “Warframe”.

Warframe keeps you intrigued for a long time with new updates and multiple missions and items to obtain.

The reason why I love this game is because of the customisation of weapons and Warframes,


Most weapons have to be built which requires you to collect resources and kill bosses to get rare resources.

Eventually you will be able to survive in the void which means you can try your luck getting “Prime“ gear which deals more damage and of course looks very cool.

  1. Dungeon Defenders 2

Dungeon Defenders 2 is the prequel to Dungeon Defenders

Best free to play games - Dungeon Defenders 2

It is a defensive game where the four playable characters have different turrets to kill the evil goblins trying to attack your crystal cores.

On certain defences you will be attacked by different monsters that get harder and have different features such as:

  • Flying
  • Faster attack speed
  • Chain attacks

Your defences will be your most reliable way at killing these evil attackers.

The reason why Dungeon Defenders 2 is in this list is because of the multiple weapons that you can earn and the varying effects that they can do to enemies

Another nice feature Dungeon Defenders 2 has implemented is the lovely projectiles and cosmetic looks each weapon gives off.


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Be sure to comment if we have missed any games that you think belongs on this list.


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