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Best & Funniest Flappy bird reviews

 Recently you may of heard of a new game taking the app stores by storm and flooding your Facebook feed with a bunch of raging comments.

As no surprise this new and highly addictive game has caused an up stir in the play & app stores with a range of reviews whilst people boasting high scores of how much they hate the game – Some of these are actually very funny which as no doubt has only furthered the success of flappy bird… will it have no end?

“Take the children, I am going  to be a while”

Ruined my marriage - Flappy bird review

“Satan in the form of an evil bird”

Devil Bird - Flappy Bird Review

“No shit bruh”

Bruh - Flappy Bird Review


Punched a teacher - Flappy Bird Review

“Get some surgery”

Lip surgery - Flappy Bird Review

“Are you sure your talking about the same thing here?”

Cocain habbit - Flappy Bird Review

“A mysterious case of the flappy bird…”

Sherlock holmes - Flappy Bird Review

If you have made a funny review, or have seen one you like, feel free to add one in the comments below as we a sure that others would love to laugh too – You could also find out how flappy bird is taking the app stores by storm in the recent weeks after its initial surge  that has know led it to become number one in the app store chats in a separate article found here. Or you could even risk your life by downloading it on the play store

Happy flapping.

By Daniel Colaianni

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