Best Christmas Minecraft Skins


The one thing that can truly makes Minecraft unique is the amount of personalisation that can be done.

Changing how our character looks really means that we can be thrown right into the game. Using Minecraft Skins is the ultimate personalisation method!

And what better way to celebrate the festive season than to dress up our characters in The Best Christmas Minecraft Skins!

So in this article, we will discover

  • The Best Christmas Skins
  • What makes them so festive
  • Where to find them

To start us off:

Gingerbread Man


This little guy is one of the many treats we get to enjoy throughout winter so, to celebrate the joy he brings, we can wear our very own Gingerbread skin.

Equipped with realistic Icing and gumdrop buttons, he’s perfect for making you look forward to the big day!

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Christmas Steve


The most basic way to show your love for Christmas, this Christmas Steve Skin is awesome for subtle personalisation.

Sporting a cute christmas hat, play as Minecraft’s most recongisable character.

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Reindeer Boy


This skin reminds me of every Christmas School Play I had to participate in, this skin is truly the most adorable on this list.

We can only hope that Santa will have reindeers as cute as this but, for now, let’s enjoy having him fly around our Christmas maps.

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Christmas Girl


Why is it only guys that dress up as Santa? This girl very much shows that they can do it incredibly well!

This cute Mrs Claus is available for all the girl gamers out there feeling festive.

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Christmas Giraffe


This one made it on to my list because, well, why not?! I can’t be the only one that absolutely adores Giraffes!

This cute skin is ideal for the quirky Minecrafters who love Christmas and, of course, love giraffes.

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Maybe not as festive as the other skins on show but absolutely one of the cutest! A very snowy character that lots of players can love, this skin is a must have!

Plus, if you fall in love with this skin as much as I have, you can use it all year round.

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Christmas Boy


Now we’ve had cute skins for the girls, how’s about one for the guys. This skin portrays a boy fully wrapped up for the cold weather with a cute Santa’s hat.

If you want a skin to look more like you, this might be the one…

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How more Christmas-y could you get with this Snowman Skin. Perfectly designed to remind anyone of the cold.

And there’s certainly no hiding what you’re dressed as with this budding outfit.

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Santa’s Elf


An integral part of making Christmas a success, this is a great skin for those who value the work of Santa’s Elves.

Incredibly realistic and rather adorable too, this is one of the Best Christmas Minecraft Skins out there!

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The man who brings children joy and gives elves jobs: Santa Claus! This awesome skin is the one to be using over winter.

His festive colours and awesome lifelike detail will make an excellent touch to your Christmas adventures.

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Have some of your own Christmas Skins under your sleeve?

Let us know and leave them in the comments below! They might feature somewhere within DoubleUpGaming…

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