7 Reasons Why: You Should Become a Game Developer


Picking a career you love can be tough. 

Whether it’s a job that pays the bills but isn’t something you enjoy or a job you love that pays you in beans; finding that career that can satisfy you for the rest of your life can be near impossible.

But if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! There is one career that you might not have considered: Game Developing.

Today, we will be looking at:

  • What Person might consider becoming a Game Developer?
  • What does the role entail?
  • 7 Reasons why it might be the career for you.

Requirements for Entering the Games Industry



There are some things you will need to consider before even weighing up if the job is right for you: do you have the necessary qualifications and skills?

The majority of people who work within the industry have a degree of some kind. This isn’t to say that you need a degree to work your way up. Having the correct experience and passion can be a sure way in too.


Having a degree in relevant subjects such as Game Design, Animation, Computer Science, or even Mathematics, or Physics can be a more guaranteed way into a placement.

Of course, the topic of your degree we depend completly on what kind of role you’ll be performing in the producing of the game.

Another skill almost certainly needed is the ability to code.

A lot of tech jobs like to see their employees know at least one coding language but this doesn’t always mean you need a qualification in it.

Employees can be self taught in a relevant language to be applied in the workplace.

So, if after the reading this article you’re interested in becoming a game developer, you can use a website like Codeacademy to learn your desired coding language at home.

Other university degrees will teach you some languages too.


Finally, the thing you need to remember is that you must be passionate.

Your career will be something that you focus on everyday typically until you retire and that’s a darn long time!


For a job like this, you don’t just love Gaming, you live and breath Gaming!

You wake up looking forward to the games you will play that day, you are countlessly researching all the games being released for you to try, you can never be bored of it.

Dr Yvan Cartwright, Senior Lecturer for Game Design at Staffordshire University gave his thoughts on how people can prepare themselves for entering the industry:

“There are three things you need to acquire: skills, a portfolio of work in a related area and, absolutely key to all of this, is a passion for games.

There are courses you can take that will help you to gain the first two but passion has to come from within.

Having worked in the educational side of the industry for over ten years now, one thing that has struck me repeatedly is that if you have a passion for anything, you can find a way to combine this with games development to create really unique and innovative games.

You should also keep a notebook of ideas, start making your own games (it doesn’t matter how rough and ready they are!), go to games jams, games conventions and expos and talk to real devs for advice and tips.

Get involved however you can!”

7 Reasons Why: You Should Become a Game Developer

If by this point, you meet the criteria above, then I recommend that you read our following 7 reasons why; this should persuade you.

In no particular order:

1. Let your imagination run wild


Not a lot of jobs offer as much creativity as Game Development.

You and your team will be the key to allowing your audience to escape the current world with your vivid imagination.

They could never dream some of your ideas and now you can let them visualise and experience it.

Not only can you develop your creativity but you are permitted so much more freedom with this career. You have the power to develop the game that has always been pictured in your mind.

Letting your imagination take over, it gives you the chance to fill all the gaps in the industry too.

Think there’s always been something missing? Here’s your chance to make it.

If there’s a function that you wished games would permit their players to perform, you can be first to find  way for players to enjoy it.

Or is there a plot that you have dreamed of but have never seen anyone pursue it, you can finally create the characters and exotic worlds to follow the story.

Becoming a Game Developer would give you the opportunity to introduce something completely new to the industry that has always been missing.

2. Meet people who love games just as much as you.


In this job, you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who are as passionate about gaming as you are.

And you’re able to meet so many gaming fanatics that you never would have met before!

You can play, discuss and even start to create the games you have always dreamed of. Being in this industry means you always have people with similar interests around you.

3. You get to play a tonne of games who never would have heard of before


A massive perk for any game fanatic is being able to play even more games!

Having met so many other passionate developers who are also working on their projects, you will have the opportunity to try out their games as well as your workmate’s.

Being so involved in the industry, you’ll be kept up to date on all the latest releases.

Of course, you might be so busy having fun developing your game that you don’t have the time to play such a variety but the option is still there.

4. Attend National and International Events


Once having completed (or almost completed) your game, you’ll want to show it off/ get some feedback from your target audience at events.

This means you’ll have the chance to travel and explore what each country has to offer to the industry as well as finding advice for perfecting your game.

This will also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can help you in the future.

5. Non-repetitive work. 


While developing each game may have a similar structure, you will never find each day being the same as the last.

With each new game, you’ll have new people to work with, different problems to tackle and new characters to uncover.

Each game will offer a different experience from the last. 

Dr Cartwright mentioned this as a great benefit when making games:

“The Games Industry is a fast-paced world where art, design, production, research and development fuse.

This means you will never work a standard 9-5 day and you will never be bored. This can be a double-edged sword that can place high demands on a person in order for them to thrive within the working environment.”

6. Sense of accomplishment


Having a finished project that you know you have slaved on for hours and hours can give you a great sense of accomplishment.

That feeling can grow as you let the public enjoy your game too.

Producing games means you have physcial proof of your talent and effort you put into your tasks.

Not many careers let workers feel the sense of completion and accomplishment that this one can.

And your name will finally roll on the credits at the end of the game (even if players might skip them occasionally).

7. Plenty of roles within game development.


This is a very important point.

If you’re not the maths person yet you still love games to death, there are other positions you can consider within the industry. Not a fan of coding? This isn’t always a problem.

To create a game, you need a lot more than a coder.

For instance, Graphic Designers play a massive role in the creation of the game as they are the one to create the face of the characters that everyone will grow to love.

Another important role is a Marketing Manager.

A team may have created one of the greatest games on the planet but if they don’t have the marketing department to show that game off to the public then they’re not going to recieve the publicity they deserve.

There are many roles to consider when playing your part in creating a game.

Being part of making a game means you meet a load of people that have such different talents; not just computer geeks.

How does this industry differ from any other?

If these points haven’t made up your mind, Dr Cartwright can give you further advice about this career path:

“Like other creative industries, such as film or music, the games industry allows an individual to fully express their talents and skills in their day-to-day activities.

However, unlike these examples, the games industry exists to create interactive experiences for their players that have an emphasis on fun.

There’s really no other industry like it.

You need to be able to interact and collaborate with a huge array of talented people, to organise yourself and others to constantly push the boundaries of what games are and what they mean to a diverse range of people.

The pace of technological change will mean that this is a never ending challenge.”

So there’s our reasons why you should consider becoming a Game Developer.

Any other reasons why people should join the industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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