Battlefield Hardline beta open to public now


EA’s press conference at E3 showed all new footage of Visceral Games and Dice’s upcoming shooter Battlefield Hardline.

They showed off the “Blood Money” mode where there was a number of arrests made by the police, this suggests that the police are supposed to incapacitate the criminals and arrest them rather than kill them. We also saw use of the guns that were featured in the trailer and a new tripwire. After the presentation and gameplay they announced that there is a Battlefield Hardline beta that went live right at that second. Sign up here.

Let me get my hands on the beta

If you want to get your hands on the Battlefield hardline beta, all you have to do is visit this link (which will take you through to the battlefield site) However please note due to high demand the EA servers can not handle the vast amount of people trying to get their hands on the beta.Battlefield Hardline Beta

Why is the game not showing in my library?

If you have already been accepted into the beta then you may be having some difficulties actually the game. As mentioned above, the EA servers cannot simply handle the amount of people trying to access the game (you would of thought they would of updated their servers in anticipation of this). Unfortunately for us players the game is still failing to appear in most players games library in the origin console – meaning many of us cannot actually access the game.

Signup for the Battlefield Hardline beta is experiencing issues due to high demand. We are aware of this and working on a solution.

For now if you are having difficulties accessing the game or even getting into the beta you may have to sit this one out for a while until EA decide to fix their web and download servers. Why not take a look at the EA stream which didn’t have any sound for over an hour…

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