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Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the latest technological innovations that threaten to disrupt the gaming status quo.

Some hope that blockchain will prevent debacles such as the launch of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II, Tramadol Europe Buy and infuriated gamers.

Others are much more sceptical.

But with French gaming giant Ubisoft the latest to explore the potential applications of blockchain tech what can gamers expect?

What is Blockchain?

Essentially, blockchain is the technology which underpins all cryptocurrencies.

It is the digital ledger which records and verifies all transactions of a cryptocurrency. Each record is encrypted, to allow for secure transactions.


In contrast to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralised. Instead, cryptocurrencies are monitored by peer-to-peer computer servers distributed around the globe.

With no third-party interference in the transaction, cryptocurrencies are not subject to interest rates and other fees.

The decentralisation of the system also makes it impervious to cyber-attacks and remarkably transparent.

The utopian ideal of blockchain and cryptocurrencies was to free the global economy from the corruption of banking groups and to make international trade easier.  

Although this ambition has not yet materialised, the success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has shown the potential of blockchain technology. Tramadol Online Best Price

Gaming on Blockchain


The most apparent way to Tramadol Buy Online Europe into gaming is to use cryptocurrencies to reward in-game achievements.

This could then be used to purchase upgrades or unlock new features. Obscuring the definition between game-commerce and real-commerce offers new freedom and opportunities to avid gamers.

With blockchain, gamers can transform their investment of time and skill into real financial profit.

Avid gamers accumulate a lot of in-game rewards. These rewards are often useless outside of the game. However, with blockchain gamers could transform their rewards into cryptocurrency.

Potentially, proficient gamers could accumulate enough in-game rewards to make a living from gaming. Combined with the rise of eSports, blockchain could contribute to the increasing professionalisation of gaming.

Yet, the potential of blockchain is not limited to the financial sphere. Blockchain could also empower the independent game movement to challenge the established AAA developers.


Using blockchain, indie developers can create more immersive worlds, which can handle greater technical capabilities.

This is because the extra bandwidth and CPU resources created by the decentralised network of chained computers improves the processes of development and the performance of games.

Although the integration of blockchain into gaming is still in its infancy, the decentralised platform also has the potential to fuel the transition towards cloud gaming.

Countless gamers are unable to play some of the industry’s leading titles because they do not have powerful enough hardware to run them.

Again, the network of chained computers could allow users to share their processing power.

Owners of high-end gaming PCs and GPUs could rent their servers through the cloud to other gamers to allow them to play the latest games.

Decentralisation will also provide gamers with improved security. Hacking is still a common occurrence in the gaming industry. This is often because of the use of centralised networks, which give hackers a single point of access to an entire system.

What Blockchain Games are Out There?

Ubisoft is not the first developer to explore the applications of blockchain technology in gaming. There has always been interaction between cryptocurrency communities and online gaming communities.

According to WAX, Order Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery It should, therefore, come as no surprise that there are several blockchain games already out there.

Arguably the most popular blockchain game of the moment is CryptoKitties, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.


CryptoKitties uses blockchain’s ability to facilitate unique digital content to create a unique cat images, which can then be bred with other cats to create another unique cat image.

Because of the decentralisation of the CryptoKitties application it is impossible create fake cats and each cat has a digital scarcity which makes it valuable. Users collect and trade the cats, Purchasing Tramadol Online

However, CryptoKitties was not the first blockchain game. Online gambling games such as EtherRoll and Edgeless were developed for Ethereum users before the cat-based game.

Another Ethereum-based game that managed to gain gamers’ consideration was EtherPlay. EtherPlay is currently undergoing a revamp, but in 2017 it paid out 70 ETH to its users, which is worth approximately £18,400.

What’s next for the technology?


Although blockchain is not yet integral to gaming the decentralised approach, which means that third parties cannot interfere with in-game content after it has been coded into existence, is very attractive to gamers.

A decentralised platform allows gamers to take true ownership of their gaming experience and has the potential to revolutionise the future of gaming.


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Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk

You’ve slaved hours and hours on what many would consider a masterpiece. Now, it’s time to draw in all the well-deserved attention in front of the gaming industry.

The best place to show off your game? Major national events. And what’s the problem with this? You will be surrounded by hundreds of others games equally demanding all of the attention.

Being part of a small team, it can be tough to come up with the materials to make your booth resemble blackpool illuminations.


After delving through the depths of incredible indie games, we found some developers who truly embraced all that was great about their creation and managed to make their personalities stand out. Today we will be exploring:

How to make your game stand out at events

In this article, you will discover:

  • The most interesting ways we’ve seen developers make their game stand out.
  • The best tips for engaging players and potentially creating fans at your booth.
  • The importance of making your game stand out at a trade show.

To start off with, some great examples of inventive booths.

Tramadol Online Prescription Uk

From some of the creative minds behind Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, and one of the DoubleUpGaming’s favourite’s Best Place Order Tramadol Online, the quirky team of two have introduced yet another fun game: Knights and Bikes.

This particular game is all about the heroic journey two small girls take in order to save their local community. On their bikes, they will defeat enemies with the power of puddles, water balloons, and more.

The game art alone is one to grab attention of enthusiasts as the featured characters are so goddamn adorable but the main attraction were the bikes. 

In order to enjoy the game, players were forced to place themselves on these awesome kids bikes decorated with stickers of knights; the perfect seating for this game.

Untitled design

The bikes were ideal for drawing in attention simply because no one else had anything quite as unique. 

Even we couldn’t help but steal one and cycle it around Tobacco Dock.

Another game that couldn’t help but stand out at events:

Tramadol Overnight American Express

On the other side of indie games, Playstack have just published the game “Dick Wilde”: a VR experience that isn’t one to be missed.

Players live the life of Dick Wilde, the extreme exterminator with an arsenal of weapons behind him. Your job is to shoot and take down the lurking wildlife that lives in the waters.

What playstack did to advertise their game was simple but effective.

Using props such as blow up snakes, blow up palm trees and more, they decorated their booth so that it effectively relayed the character of the game to the audience. The bright, neon lights that lined the booth acted as great eye catchers.


So, let’s think about what we can learn from these guys.

I interviewed Rex Crowle, developer at Foam Sword and Kiron Ramdewar, community manager at Playstack on how they made their creations stand out at events and they gave some great advice:

What are the best tips for engaging players and potentially creating fans at your booth?

Rex made the excellent point that having a typical setup that replicates every other booth isn’t the way forward:

“Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how imaginative and unique your game is, you’re going to find it hard to stand out if [your game] is presented in exactly the same way as everyone else at a show: Vinyl banner, TV, Controllers.”

He continued to share a few simple ways that can spruce up your display:

“It’s good to think about ways that you can extend what’s happening inside the game out into the space, that could be anything from dressing up as a game character to having a model of something from the game on display.

And if the game is more of a competitive experience, having a real chalkboard leaderboard in the booth is a lot more engaging for potential players wandering past, than any in-game leaderboard hidden away inside the TV.”

And once you’ve intrigued your new fan, and they’ve played the game, make sure there’s a way they can remember it at the end of the day, whether that’s by having a stand that they will feel compelled to photograph, or give them some stickers to jog their memories with.”

Kiron explained a number of great ways that some developers would never consider were behind the success of a display:

“I would say the biggest tip is to be passionate about your game. People can quickly distinguish legitimate enthusiasm from a pseudo fan racking off a sales checklist of items to discuss.

I think it is really important to have played the game a good amount too. I know this sounds stupid, but you would be surprised how many people working on booths have barely touched the games they represent.

Most people won’t directly approach you to talk, so you need to be forthcoming with people attending. Everyone there likes games, so rustling up a conversation about what they’ve played so far, their favourite title at the show or whether they’ve played VR yet is a good place to start.”

What is the importance of making your game stand out at a trade show?


Rex shares that the hours of labour you’ve spent on your game should be projected into your stand in order to make the most of your time:

“If you’ve put months into getting your demo ready, and stressing about every element inside the game, its a missed opportunity if you’ve not put a lot of effort into how it’s presented externally.

You don’t necessarily have to build a life-sized pirate ship manned by a team of actors but its good to have something that takes the atmosphere of the game out into the booth that surrounds it, as it acclimatizes players.”

Before they pick up the controller they have some idea of what they are getting into.

Kiron explained how having a fun and unique booth means most have the work has been done for you. Rather than trying to draw people in, people are coming over themselves as they are incredibly intrigued:

“If you can grab people’s attention without talking to them, it gives us a bigger chance of them playing our game and having a chat with us. People want to have fun and that is the vibe we wanted to give off – a fun and exciting game.

On top of awesome game experiences, these kinds of touches are what people will recall and they are more inclined to take photos and videos of the stand. Best of all, they will most likely play your game. I think this was really reflected in the overwhelming queue size for Dick Wilde at Rezzed.

Your game can be the most fun thing in the world, but if your booth looks drab and dull, it reflects poorly on even the best titles out there!

What other ways have you used to gain attention at expos?

As game developers will have a number of games they will want to promote at various events, discovering unique ways to draw attention to each game can be difficult. Here is some ways that Rex and Kiron both advertised their games at a variety of events:

Rex: “Back when I was leading the Tearaway team at Media Molecule we would fill an entire suitcase with paper and scissors when travelling to events (Which led to some interesting conversations at airport security!) and once we’d arrived at our booth, we’d cover the entire booth with paper and papercraft.

One of my happiest memories was being at PAX Australia, where Gemma from MM and Spaff (Former MM Community Manager) and myself had not only built a papercraft kingdom, but also set up a craft table and we had some of the events biggest queues of players wanting a break from staring at games, so they could sit down at the craft table and make some papercraft mice with everyone else that was doing it.

mm tweet

It just creates a great atmosphere that people want to hang out in. Getting attention isn’t just about playing dubstep louder than everyone else!”

Kiron: “At both PAX and Rezzed we had a large list of inflatable animals, LED strips around the display, a huge piece of artwork and banners. There are hundreds of other games companies that want face time with attendees and press, so making your booth loud and exciting is really important.

I think when running a booth there is a tendency to worry about being over the top, but I’d prefer to be too loud than our booth quietly sitting there.

I’m also a big fan of competitions and giveaways. It gives an incentive for people to talk to you and play the game. At PAX we had a Dick Wilde leaderboard for the day and the whole weekend.

Every day the top five players with the highest scores won t-shirts, the player with the top score for the weekend won the TV we were using at the expo. At Rezzed we went for the PSVR competition.”


In Conclusion

The key element to a successful booth at an event or expo: be passionate. 

Players want to see how emotionally involved developers are with their game and how much time they have put into it. And all of this can be reflected in their booth.

Here is a list of all the things mentioned and more that teams can do to spice up their booths at events:

  • Big decorations that reflect the game
  • Unique ways to interact with the game (unusual seating like children’s bikes)
  • Other interactive activities to promote the game (papercraft tables for Tearaway Unfolded). Create live demonstrations of your game. If your game is about defusing bombs. Make a physical (fake) bomb that attendees can play with and try diffuse.
  • Leaderboards with small and big prizes (from t-shirts to TVs with Dick Wilde)
  • Cosplay (attendees always want a picture with great cosplay)
  • Giveaways (who doesn’t love free swag).

Seen any other ways developers have really showed off their games? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tramadol Sale Online Uk Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription

Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy

Exploring the finest in VR that Europe has to offer, VR Days, spanning across 3 action packed days in Amsterdam has seen speakers from giants including The Guardian, BBC, Google and Samsung to the more localised companies including Holodeck, Force Field and The Mill.

Each individual had something new to add to the conversation on how VR & AR will affect our ever growing digital driven lives but in this feature we’re going to explore:

  • The effect that VR is going to have on our entertainment consumption
  • How it will change the way games are made
  • Why AR is the latest trend for games

Exploring the “Church of VR”


Speaking with Nikki van Sprundel, head of VR Days content curation for the Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard (A collection of great content in VR) we explored what it was like putting together this year’s lineup of experiences:

“It’s been a very fun time having over 200 applications for the church of VR. There were a few things that I looked at, mainly the way they use the medium, the way they tell a story and it was key to have a lot of variation.”

Nikki also went on to mention “It’s still a big trend to focus on the empathy within VR, and to get people in a space where people wouldn’t normally be. syfy too  is being published alot  along with smaller trends that explore VR within VR, which is a great way to get to explore the medium.”

A wave of change


Diving deeper, (quite literally) into how VR is changing the way we experience our games and media, Marijke Sjollema from Order Tramadol From Mexicowent on to explain why their unique concept of including both physical elements (in this case a swimming pool) and VR changes the game.

“Our brains believe that VR is reality and our body physically reacts to that making it a powerful medium. Your skin is one of your biggest organs meaning there is a lot of sensitivity there. Adding water to that experience makes it even more immersive.”

With so many talented developers and creatives exhibiting on the show floor, they too had much to add when we speak about the way in which they now need to approach making a game.

Terence Mosca who works for Tequila Works who earlier this year released the puzzle adventure game ‘Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping‘ spoke to us about their new VR game ‘Order Tramadol Online Florida” which utilizes time mechanics and the explorative power to create an experience.

When Terence spoke more about this it was very easy to understand the ways in which game developers are overcoming the learning curve for VR.

“Theres the creative questions, the production question and the market question. Firstly moving to motion capture, allowed us to capture real life emotions and shorten our production timeline”

Terence then went onto speak about how their movement mechanics adapted as well, “for some users that are not used to VR, we utilised a sticky mode where you can connect yourself to a character and follow them along”

The new buzz word for games…


AR too has been a big topic of buzz at this years VR Days, whether it is just speculation hype from the recent news of Apple’s AR Kit or Google’s AR Core for android, it is unknown.

However one thing’s for certain AR is going to make its way into our lives just as much as VR.

Small Tramadol Next Day Visa, Playmax who have been working closely with the new generation of Asus AR phone technology spoke to us about why AR is beginning to be so important for your average consumer and business.

Ruben mentioned:

AR is becoming more mainstream now, because it is much more accessible for much more people and this is mainly down the having AR on your phone

When looking at this side of the story it really starts to make sense with the number of smartphone users forecasted to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019.

With so many people having the ability to use this technology people are starting to notice.


When looking into the AR gaming aspect of things, Ruben also mentioned how the rise in location based games could be making a big impact in the coming years.

“AR enables location based games to allow multiple people to share experiences all together, things are moving really fast and proper experiences will be here within a year.”

With more people able to play together in the same space things are instantly made more sociable for people.

When you take a closer look, human beings are incredibly social creatures which makes interactions with technology in the physical world much more appealing to general consumers at the moment.

Where will we be in just 5 years?

As the day starts to wrap up at the 2017 VR Days the spirit and collaboration between a constantly evolving community of creators will continue to grow and see a new movement of games, experience and projects in both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality.

Are you a developer or creative in the games industry? How has the impact of VR & AR affected your views of the future of yours or others games? Make sure to let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Tramadol Online Order Cheap

Tramadol Overnight Visa

Make yourself stand out amongst the noise with these simple but channel changing tips.

Complete all your Channel info!

From avatars and channel art to bio’s and related channels, this is a must.

Your page will look as if you do not care which in turn won’t gain people’s attention, let alone your first subscriber.

By completing all of the information you are also showing to your audience that you are dedicated, here for the long term, and not going anywhere/

Tramadol Online Mexico

Get a Headset/Microphone

Now, this is our one step that does require a small investment, although it isn’t necessary, we  highly recommend it.

Without good audio your viewers won’t be able to understand what you are saying, they will soon lose interest, and are likely to give your channel a bad rating. Obviously how much you spend on this is up to you, you can get a decent headset for around £20 (United Kingdom) on amazon likeOrdering Tramadol Online Illegal.

However, if you like can purchase a professional  micrsofpone and headphones seperatly for a larger cost

Tramadol Illegal Order Online

Have Original Content

This is very important, stand out from the crowd.

if you’re interested in Gaming, don’t just do Call Of Duty walk-through’s, or short Minecraft gameplay’s, be more original in your content, where not necessarily saying don’t do these, but take a different turn on them, for example only play Minecraft Puzzle Maps, or if you find making the content unique, make it funny or entertaining.

Not all of your content must be unique, here at DoubleUpGaming we do many tutorials and gameplay’s which could be likened to that of others, but we also have original content such as our two minute commentary’s, our irregularly uploaded spin-off episodes and that the fact that we also have a proper reviewing system.

Upload regularly so your viewers know when to expect the next episode

By uploading videos to your channel regularly and maybe in a repeated format e.g. every Monday and Thursday, viewers will know when your next video is coming out and will be able to look forward to it.

Maybe once your channel starts to grow bigger throw in an unexpected video just to please your viewers.

Also make sure to upload content regularly to your channel, no matter how much a viewer likes your video, it is unlikely that they will subscribe if you haven’t uploaded anything for 3 months, and it is also likely that many of your subscribers will un-subscribe .

Tramadol Uk Order

Have a social networking presence

Social Networking is a great free way of advertising your channel.

You can create either a page on Facebook or a twitter account, what’s great about these is that you can link them onto your YouTube channel, in the bottom right-hand corner of your channel art.

Whereas Facebook is great for interacting with your current viewers, as media is displayed more clearly and posts aren’t restricted, Twitter is a fantastic way of building up your fan-base, the more people you follow, the more that follow you back, a great example of this is DoubleUpGaming’s own Twitter page, we have in the region of 10,000 followers, many of whom would have checked out our channel at least at some point.

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex

Have a catchphrase or a repeating joke people can relate to or recognise your channel by

Although this isn’t an essential right from the start, it will probably evolve self-consciously as your channel grows.

Think about your favourite channels, do they have catchphrases?

We can think of many examples, how about Philip Defranco’s  ’S’up Nation’? It doesn’t even have to be a phrase that you say, here at DoubleUpGaming we had a non-copyrighted track feature on our channel with the opening line of ‘Boom Boom Baby’ which over a short-time became our new adopted catchphrase.

What’s good about these catchphrases, is that it’s something that audiences can relate to and quote in the comments. It’s just a funny little thing that comes along as your channel grows.

Order Tramadol From China

Interact with your viewers.

When starting a YouTube channel you must ask yourself a vital question, what am I doing this for?

If that answer is just for money or internet fame, don’t bother making the channel.

Starting out with that attitude won’t get you anywhere in the long run, however, if your answer is to entertain or to help people, it is likely that you will get far.

Always remember who you are dependent on and who you are doing this for, the viewers, as corny as it sounds, you should cherish each new subscriber like they are your first one.

One way in doing this is to interact with them, it will show your audience how much you value their subscription, you can do this by either talking/helping them out in the comments – the now defunct channel SourceFed did a great thing every week called comment commentary where they picked out their favourite comments and talked about them.

Another way to interact with the audience is through the social networking sites we discussed earlier, in fact, the reason we produced this very article in the first place was on the basis of requests we had from viewers.

Also listen to your audience, tailor your content to suit their needs, even if you don’t like doing it that way, if you change something with your channel, e.g. the format of how often you upload, and your viewers don’t like it, change it back, remember they are the necessities and without them your channel will never progress!

Purchasing Tramadol

Work with a group of people

We’re not saying that you have to share ownership of your channel, or even give other people control, but two heads are better than one, and three heads are even better!

Other people have different ways of looking at things, and this can be very beneficial, it can lead to new ideas, and then better content.

Having a friend to help you with your channel is a great idea too! They can keep you motivated and can help with things such as recording and managing the channel, also it makes it more fun!

Another thing you will notice as your channel grows is that you make a lot of ‘contacts’ these will range from channels similar to yours, to regular viewers with encouraging comments and even people who do favours in exchange for other favours.

For example, an amateurish VFX designer might help design you an intro for your videos, on the condition that you promote him/her on your channel, and put a reference for them in your comments to help their own channel/portfolio of work grow!

Just make sure they are not going to go and stab you in the back if they leave.

Use Annotations

Annotations can be an absolute great thing if used correctly, otherwise, they will just prove to be a nuisance to the viewer, and your channel will decrease in popularity.

What we suggest to do is not to pack in lots of annotations during the video, especially not those large ones that take up half the screen! Instead, make a video ending picture which you can place onto the end of your video using a video editing software such as Premier Pro.

All this picture has to have on it are some buttons linking to the next and previous videos as well as maybe a button linking to your site. You can then make these buttons work by using the ‘spotlight’ annotation and re-sizing it to the size of the button, by using the link feature you can link straight to the video or page.

Another great feature of annotations is the subscribe button, you can either have this discreetly shown in the corner of your video, or at the end along with the other links.

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Use Catchy Media

Now this one is a lot easier than it sounds, all we mean by this one is media (pictures, music) that will stand out to the audience, all videos must have a thumbnail, and it takes no time at all for your channel to get the custom thumbnail option, take advantage of this!

Create great looking thumbnails that will make the viewer want to click them, because let’s face it, most people watch a video based on the thumbnail, not the title!

As previously mentioned here at DoubleUpGaming we started to feature a new song on our videos, who’s opening line has sort of become our adopted catchphrase, this is a great example of catchy media, it has caught the attention of our viewers, and not only have they enjoyed it they now use it to symbolize our channel!

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Don’t have lengthy introductions

You want to grab the attention of  your viewer in the first fifteen seconds of the video, that’s all you have, 15 seconds to entice them to continue watching your videos!

You don’t want to waste those precious seconds with a boring introduction, maybe you could start with a funny opening clip, maybe containing some bloopers, then have a brief intro and get straight on into the video, your viewers are there for the content, not for some irrelevant introduction.

Don’t Comment spam/advertise your channel

You know that feeling you get when you’re watching your favourite channel and you scroll down to read the comments and you see some guy promoting his channel, then you go to watch the next video by your favourite YouTuber, and there that guy is again advertising his own channel?

It’s not a nice feeling, and by doing this you attract a lot of hate to your channel.

It might gain your attention, but not the kind of attention you’d want, so I would advise against it!

So we hope you enjoyed this article today, an immense amount of hard work went into providing these tips for you and into writing this article, so show your support by leaving a comment!

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Online Tramadol Reviews

We all love to look good in Minecraft so why not do it right first time with a great skin that is bound to get your friends interested? Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2018!

With so many amaxing movies coming out, including Marvels: Infinity War, we have devised a list of some of the Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2018 with download links! If you want to check out some different ones you can see our All time top 10 Minecraft skins or our Top Funny Minecraft Skins.

1. Despicable Me – Minion

Tramadol 50 Mg Online UkThis amazing Skin is one of the minions from Despicable Me – It uses a blend of colors to achieve what might be considered a very good remake of the original in Minecraft. The skin is bound to get some laughs from your friends and most people know the movie, so it is a no-brainer, You simply must download this! Creator:  tixie

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2. Star Wars – Storm Trooper

Buying Tramadol From MexicoA classic skin cannot go unnoticed, especially when it is such a large movie franchise set to expand through the wonders of Disney! Before you know it everyone will be wearing one of these skins, whether it is Chewbacca or Darth Vader… so why not get the head start on your friends? If we could we would have included every character from the star wars series but there is simply not enough space. Creator:  NeverSeenPain

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3. Man of steel – Superman

superman - Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2013

 Wow… If you want to go down in style then why not do it with this wonderful skin? After the successful launch of man of steel, it seems a great time to wear this skin as it not only makes you look cool but makes you feel like a superhero! Plus you can use the simple Buying Tramadol In Canada to add your very own  Superman cape to make you just that bit better Creator:  Minecraft343

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4. Iron man- Iron man suite

Buying Tramadol In AustraliaKeeping with the superhero theme iron man is a perfect alternative to Superman, maybe you don’t like dc or you think iron man is cooler,  it will always make you look stunning! This skin carefully matches the original outfit whilst adapting it into Minecraft in an almost perfect way meaning your friends will love your stylish looks and shiny shell… Mind you though, you wouldn’t want to put on any amour after wearing this skin.  Creator:  Zlag

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5. Monsters University- Sullivan

Buying Tramadol Uk

With Monsters University just around the corner or possibly out if you are reading this at a later date, we thought we ought to add this adorable skin!  If you are playing a minigame of the hunger games no one is bound to hurt you, instead, they will turn around and give you a hug! (I know I would) The creator of this skin has blended the simplicity of a Minecraft skin with a cuddly adorable creature… Just Amazing! Creator:  JloDoesMC


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That is it for Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2013! But don’t worry we will be adding more along the year. Why not let us know your best Minecraft skins? You never know it may be included in our next featured article… Skin’s provided courtesy of Order Tramadol Online In Ohio

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As another year passes, the streets of San Francisco become a little less busy and the steady stream of game developers and industry folk from across the world begin to make their decent home.

This is of course because GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) has come to another close afterTramadol To Buy Online Uk.

2018 saw over 28,000 industry professionals at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center from March 19-23. GDC and its expected this number will increase yet again when GDC returns to the Moscone Center on Monday, March 18 to Friday, March 22, 2019.

Our highlights from 2018

Unreal Engine goes real-time crazy

Amongst the busyness of GDC, Unreal Engine went crazy with real-time graphics galore. From Digital Humans to Ray Tracing, it got everybody talking.

Digital Humans

Partnering with 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, Tencent and Vicon – Unreal Engine created Siren, a “high-fidelity, real-time digital character based on the likeness of Chinese actress Bingjie Jiang.” with actress Alexa Lee plays the character.

The reason this has got so many people talking, of course, is up until recently it has been extremely difficult to display such graphics without the need to pre-render.

Adding an additional flare to the announcement, the live performance was coupled with the use of Apples AR kit on the iPad to allow the real-time rendered character to be displayed from any angle and any position.


Nvidia’s Real-Time Ray Tracing

Along with digital Humans, Unreal Engine has also been working with Nvidia to work on real-time ray tracing.

Definition of Ray Tracing: In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects.


It’s long been a goal of the entertainment industry to reach a stage where all lights in cutscenes, gameplay (and even movies) are rendered without having to even wait a second. You can view Unreal Engines demo below to see just how impressive this is.

Although very impressive, this technology, in such a high fidelity still won’t be available to the masses just quite yet. To achieve these types of results we are looking at top of the line consumer graphics cards and of course, even the best consoles on the market won’t be receiving graphics like these for a while.

 alt.ctrl.GDC ups the madness with the most bizarre controllers known to man

As has become a tradition, expo-goers were treated to an eclectic mix of bizarre and interesting controllers powering some equally interesting games.

From air hockey using just your hands and no puck to free running with only your voice, there were plenty of things to try and get stuck in with.

Highlights from alt.ctrl.gdc included:

  • Puppet Pandemonium – A puppet show video game that uses the puppets as the controllers
  • Voiceball – like foosball but played with your voice.
  • Yo, Bartender! – puts you in the shoes of a modern-day bartender mixing cocktails in a bustling city
  • Scissors The That Than – a game played with huge scissors controller.
  • Lemonade – A two-player game where players control real water pipes which control  virtual on-screen water pipes

Unfortunately there were just too many games to include in this list, however, you can Can You Order Tramadol Online

Oculus shows off Oculus Go

If Facebook didn’t have a big enough presence at GDC alone, the Oculus Go was more than enough to get people talking (and playing).

Announced earlier in January, attendees and game devs finally had their chance to experience the headset in full throughout GDC.

As long as you are not expecting 4k graphics, with 100% accurate tracking, this headset should fare up quite well against the competition, especially at its $199 price tag with no need for a phone or PC.

The headset is yet to launch, however, so it will be very interesting to see the market’s reaction to Oculus’s solution to mobile VR.

Nintendo shows off indies

The Nintendo Switch feels as if its a staple of the gaming community now. It’s portable, easy to use, and just plain fun.

Therefore it makes sense that Nintendo has opened the floor to talented indie developers to make some irresistibly fun games.

Throughout GDC Nindento decided to show off a fantastic array of exciting Switch indies aptly named “Nindies showcase”. From nostalgic platformers to time sucking, role-playing games, there are a whole host of smaller-scale Switch releases that you should be keeping your eye on.

Here’s just a few to look out for:

  • The Messenger
  • The Banner Saga 3
  • Fantasy Strike
  • Lumines Remastered
  • Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
  • Bad North
  • Pool Panic
  • Pode
  • Light Fall
  • West of Loathing

What to take away from GDC

GDC is a large and complex maze of booths, talks, people and freebies, meaning it can sometimes be easy to get lost amongst the excitement and games.

If you’re there to learn and meet people, the after parties and events outside of GDC are sometimes some of the very best places to be. This year Unity took this to a whole new level by not having a presence on the show floor at all and instead opting to host sessions within their newly renovated office a few blocks over.

There’s plenty to see and do at the show, however, and there is always an eclectic mix of world-renowned speakers about, sharing the wealth of knowledge and answering attendees questions.

What are your thoughts on GDC? Did you attend this year, or will you be attending next year? What would you like to see from next year?


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One of the reasons we adore Minecraft is the amazing level of personalisation!

And what better way to throw yourself into the game by finding the perfect skin.

We decided to update our Tramadol Sales Cheap list but releasing a fresh article for 2018. Order Tramadol Australia

To make this list even better, we decided to focus on the skins perfect for those wanting to let out their inner heroine. From Zombies to Panda’s, we have found some of the best Minecraft Girl Skins.

Today we discuss:

  • The Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins
  • Why they made our list
  • Where you can download them

9. Tramadol Buy Online


This skin is the ultimate combination of girly girl and tomboy – definitely letting out your feminine side but certainly not covered in pink.

And the backwards hat shows you are a true gamer.

This skin definitely reveals your personality in Minecraft.

8. Tramadol Ultram Online


Scare all the guys away with this super realistic Zombie Skin.

Complete with long, green hair and decomposing flesh, you can really blend in with the other mobs.

This skin is ideal for those wanting to keep everyone away from your creation that you need to keep safe.

7. Buying Tramadol Online Illegal


This is definitely a more girly entry for our Top Minecraft Girl Skins.

The flower crown and sweet outfit shows you are one with nature and definitely a summer girl.

This is the best outfit for those who love the sun and the long summer days.

6. Tramadol American Express


The Fighters and warriors deserve a minecraft skin like this!

No longer is it the men defeating the mobs and keeping the tribe alive as this medieval warrior is ready to take the lead.

The Skin is perfect for those wanting to show how strong they are. This skin is for the leaders who could direct an army to success.

5. Order Tramadol India


This Minecraft Girl Skin is adorable!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Panda, now’s your chance. With this light blue and white outfit and matching blue hair, you’ll break many hearts with this skin.

This outfit has truly proved popular among fans.

4. Order Tramadol American Express


Have you ever wanted to be a watermelon? Yeah, me too!

This skin equips you with the tastiest pink hoodie showing off all your pips and watermelon rind. and lushess, neon-green hair.

This skin was designed for those wanting to show off their quirky and funny personality.

3. Order Tramadol Mexico


Another killer, butt-kicking warrior has made it onto our list.

Rather than a leader, this bad-ass heroine is crazy. No one could get past this girl in a battle and she’s any army’s secret weapon.

This Minecraft Girl Skin made our list as there isn’t a skin that shows off your fighting side quite like this one.

If you need to let out your inner, nutty but deadly fighter, this skin is a must!

2. Tramadol Online Nc


In my opinion, this is the cutest outfit on the list.

If you need to show off your love for animals then I definitely recommend the fox skin. She comes with a fluffy tail, charming little paws and dinky ears.

This skin will definitely let you fit in with all the animals around the Minecraft world.

1. Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk

minecraft girl skins 2018

This skin is perfect for any gaming fanatic.

You can dress as the hero, or now the heroine, Link and really embrace your inner Legend of Zelda fan. This outfit is equipped with the typical green, hooded top as well as a shield on the back for safety.

Long, blonde hair also features to make her powerful but beautiful.

If you’re a hardcore, Nintendo fan, then you deserve this Minecraft skin.

That’s it for our Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins of 2018!

Are there any you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments.

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Summer is finally here!

That means no more school, no more work, NO MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!

Well this isn’t entirely true. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get super hyped about the longer days and warmer weather.

And what better way to get majorly excited about the summer than enjoying:

The Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

We have conveniently devised a list of all the seasonal maps to get you in the summer mood.

Get ready to explore:

  • The Best Summer Minecraft Maps
  • Why they are so this season
  • Where you can download them


10. Summer Cottage


Kicking us off is this stunning Summer Cottage.

Complete with sandy beaches and luscious greenery, this map allows its users to escape to a cottage like no other.

So much is there for you to explore! If you’ve had enough of the outdoors, you can lounge in front of the tele instead. You can even light fires in the fireplace to keep you warm through the nights.

It’s the perfect location to house you and some friends this summer.

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9. Operation Tropical Vacation


With over 50,000 Downloads, this map has proved to be a very popular destination.

“The point of the whole map is to relax and enjoy summer” and to forget the hectic bustle we all know Minecraft can bring.

However, if you wanna have a great run around, this map is also excellent for that too.

Players have praised the creators of this map for their cleverly designed yet challenging parkour runs.

Can I Get Tramadol Online

8. Ivory Beach Resort


Ivory Beach resort is certainly for the more mature and classier clientele boasting its stylish “Sun-hotel” as well as its fine selection of swimming pools.

And, of course, this map is located next to a beautiful, glistening sea so sun beds and parasols are available to all guests.

One of the best things about this map is how charmingly the resort lights up at night! Lights scatter the map so everything can equally be enjoyed at night.

Check in to this all inclusive for an exclusive, one of a kind, holiday.

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7. Crystal Summer Resort


Ever dreamt of visiting a city like Rio de Janeiro without, well, having to go anywhere?

Then this map is ideal. 

Complete with skyscrapers as well as scenic views, you can easily lose yourself in this bustling city.

You can visit the luscious beach, the one of kind bridge, and even the airport!

Players will have plenty of places to visit in this map.

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6. Leiko Islands


Next on our list of Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps is Leiko Islands.

This HAS to be the most tropical map on our list and is perfect for the players that want to escape everything.

The map serves as your own desert island, ideal for some well-deserved R’n’R.

Players can discover the exotic foliage while relaxing on the golden beaches; islands like these are quite hard to come by!

And the best bit is no creepy crawlies will be climbing up your top without you knowing!

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5. Olann Island


What can I say about this map? It has everything a child-at-heart desires!

Unlike Ivory Beach Resort, this map is fully equipped for the playful and energetic. Surrounded by roller coasters, water slides, and a casino, you’ll be entertained for hours!

Not to mention the gorgeous sandy beach people could only dream of visiting.

Someone has spent a lot of time building this map!

Tramadol Fedex Visa

4. Pirate Island


This one we absolutely LOVED!

Pirate Island is definitely a unique map as it’s one of the few where you can truly experience life as a pirate.

Detailed ships scatter the island as well as exotic wildlife and maybe you’ll come across some buried treasure…

If anyone can come up with the best Minecraft Skin to match this map, please let us know!

Ez Tramadol Online

3. Beach City


This map is fairly similar to Crystal Summer Resort except this one is MASSIVE.

It doesn’t quite supply the scenery the previous map could offer. However, Beach City is higher on my list due to the sheer extent of this city.

This map didn’t only take a lot of time to build, I bet it also took a whole lot of time to plan! It’s like City Skylines except on Minecraft!

As well as the skyscrapers, you can explore a variety of suburbs as well as a beach and a fully functioning harbour!

Beach City is so well designed that it even has a subway. A SUBWAY! What more could you ask for?

Buying Tramadol Online Reviews

2. Huge Cruise Ship


Cruise Ships in real life are ridiculously expensive.


Minecraft has got you covered as one clever user has created the beast of the seas.

Equipped with swimming pools, helicopter pads and entertainment halls for guests, your holidays will be well spent on this ship.

You can enjoy life as if you are one of the extravagant guests and dine with important people while taking in some breathtaking views.

Not to mention you’ll be exploring the impressives oceans in the glorious sun.

Let’s just hope there’s no icebergs…

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews


Now for our Number One Summer Minecraft Map.

1. Teramia


This map has EVERYTHING for all your summer-y needs.

Teramia has been created with the outdoorsy types in mind.

What isn’t there to explore on this map?!

Teramia is visually stunning with so much detail included in everything that has been placed. You’ll have fun discovering skins for your protagonist to match the surroundings.

You can discover the variety of mobs that fill the island too!

It also has Icelands for you to explore in case the sun is becoming too much. You’ll need a map to find your way around here.

And there are so many pictures to show off this map that I don’t have enough space in this article! Order Tramadol For Dogs Online

Tramadol Buy Overnight

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

Did we miss any fantastic maps out? Let us know in the comments below.

And if this hasn’t satisfied you enough, you can check out our Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery too!

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Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida

For what seems like forever, GDC has acted as the worlds largest video games industry event for everyone!

It’s a jam-packed 5 days of watching talks, navigating the show floor and meeting up with people in the indsutry from all over the world.

This year we too ventured out to San Francisco talking to developers from all walks of life, finding out what they most enjoyed, and their highlights of GDC 2017.

Tramadol Pills Online

The Exhibition floor

Navigating the show floors of GDC can sometimes seem like a daunting mission, especially with over 570 different companies exhibiting across multiple halls and buildings.

The show is absolutely massive, so much so if you don’t go for the full 5 days you might end up missing something important.

Here’s what was most notable on the show floor:

  • Qualcomm showing off their hand tracking stand-alone headset
  • Tramadol 200Mg Onlineshowcasing sensor built headphones that integrate spatial audio, along with Tramadol Online Pets integrating “Virtual touch”
  • Alt.Ctrl.GDC showing off all the cool alternative ways to interact with games
  • The Indie MEgabooth also had so many well thought out games it was unreal (You can see some of the games in this video below)

When we weren’t on the show floor we ended up listening to the awe-aspiring talks from industry leaders in the community…

Our Highlighted talks

The talks at GDC are a perfect way to gain insider knowledge into how a game was made, new techniques people are employing daily and at the end of the day make you leave more pumped than ever.

Here’s just a selection of the best talks:

It’s not all DOOM and gloom

If you’ve ever played  Bethesda’s DOOM you’ll know how intense the gameplay can get and that’s thanks in part to the incredibly intricate composition put together by Mick Gordon.

During his talk, he takes a complete deep dive into the making of the Doom soundtrack.

The Antidotes of Zelda


Nintendo’s recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so good it deserves to win multiple awards and accolades.

But to get there Nintendo had to completely rethink how they should approach the series to live up to the hype its player base expects.

This talk explores exactly how they did that.

Lifting the lid on mobile AR

Pokémon GO: it’s a game that truly took the world by storm, at some points you would look around and it would seem like everyone was throwing down Pokeballs in an attempt to catch anything other than a Pidgey.

We particularly like this talk as Niantic pull back the curtain and give us a sneak peek into the making of Pokémon GO.

Despite the world’s lust for the game, read our Online Rx Tramadol

An unexpected appearance

It was a game that was highly anticipated from its conception. It made bold statements of what could be achieved in an open world environment and ultimately a game that has left many players wondering where on earth their money went.

In a rather unexpected appearance to keep this talk saw Sean Murray talk about the making of No Man’s Sky.

A new frontier for GPU’s

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

When Nvidia announced the GTX 1080 back in May, 2016, many including ourselves were hugely impressed with its performance vs price. So, when Nvidia dropped the mic on its new crazily high powered GPU the 1080 TI that was both more powerful than its predecessor and over $400 cheaper, we couldn’t help but crack a smile.

This new graphics card which could change the way future games are made features a whopping 3,584 CUDA cores with 11GB of GDDR5X.

AMD Ryzen


All though not part of the main show, AMD also hosted a separate launch of their AMD Ryzen CPU’s through their much-anticipated K Pa Tramadol Online Sverige event.

Unfortunately, though the event fell flat of having any real evidence-based substance for most game developers unlike Nvidia’s announcement of the GTX 1080 Ti. It was, however, an announcement that will spur on increased competition and therefore innovation in the CPU market space.

Lots of new VR content

VR in full force at GDC 2017

By far Virtual Reality was the most popular exhibiting piece at GDC this year. From Facebook’s HUGE 2-floor exhibition stand to an exclusive world demo of Sprint Vector, VR was everywhere. Here are a few of our VR highlights from the show:

Exploring new VR movement options

For a while, Developers have been struggling to get people moving in VR without making them want to throw up.

As a result, a few innovative game studios began to explore different movement types including Tramadol Online Nz‘s interesting Wii sports style, arm running movement and Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight table top wristwatch controllers.

The beginning of Eye Tracking?


For a while now theTramadol Visas Zales has been integrating its tech into laptops, external cameras and working with games to add interesting movement options that follow the eyes.

Interestingly for us though, Tobii have started to shift their attention on to Virtual Reality, and more importantly, have begun integrating their technology into the HTC Vive.

This means for the first time ever were able to get a glimpse into the future and what all VR headsets should eventually be like outside of the Fove. In the taster demo that Tobii showed us, we were able to see the difference between focus pane and the ability to better control movement.


As has become an annual tradition at GDC, the Game Developer’s choice awards took place again with a bunch of new and worthy contenders in the ring. Most notably Blizzard’s overwatch took home the Game of the Year title and even went as far to receive an additional award for Best Design.

In addition to this AR game, Pokémon GO was awarded Mobile Game of the Year after it took the world by storm earlier this year.

The Game Develop’s choice awards most coveted award, the Lifetime Achievement Award went to the creator of Unreal Engine and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney

Game Developers Choice Awards. Pokémon GO was awarded mobile game of the year & Unreal engine creator and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Outside of the choice awards, the 19th Annual Independent Games Festival Awards awarded Quadrilateral Cowboy, the retro-tech 80s computer coding puzzle game from developer Blendo Games its grand prize.

Looking forward to next year?


If the growth of 2017 is anything to go by, 2018 looks to be another epic year. In lieu of this GDC have already released that the next conference and exhibition is to be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from March 19 – 23, 2018.