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When do the Steam Christmas sales begin?

Steam is renowned for emptying users wallets and creating a surge of increase in spending on the pc gaming market.

So with time fast approaching Christmas it can be expected that the Steam Christmas sales are coming, and they are coming in hard!

Although not a fully confirmed source of information, a leaked email from PayPal Japan (yet again) has kick started a growing speculation that the Steam  Christmas holiday sales will be launched on the 18th of December 


This being one of Steams biggest sales of the year (excluding the summer sales) we can expect some huge savings on a wide  range of games and with the release date of Metal Gear Solid V being on the exact same day it may be no surprise that this game too will offer a small discount to pc gamers.

Why should I believe this information?

The simple answer is you should always take this information with a pinch of salt. We can never confirm this type of information to say it is 100% correct however if past events have revealed any light to us, information leaked from PayPal seem to be spot on.

You can also take a look at the date of last years Steam Christmas sales and surprise surprise it was on the 19th of December on a Thursday. Comparing this date to the 18th of December we can also see that this is on a Thursday one week before Christmas.


But we only just had the Autumn sales!?

True, but the Steam Christmas sales are often longer, bigger and better than any other sale during the year. You may notice that alot of the sale prices may be the same as offered through Black Friday or Cyber Monday however alot more games will find their way into the featured slots so chances are you may find a few games you were not expecting to be on sale.

If trading cards are for you, you will also have the chance to build up your collection with rare collectibles and meta challenges. Many free to play games will most likely offer some collectibles through the Christmas sales too.

What is on your wish list for the Steam Christmas Sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to craft in minecraft pocket edition

Crafting is essential in minecraft and it becomes even more apparent as you play it more and more. With minecraft pocket edition it may be a little hard to grasp the new touch screen controls which hugely vary from the pc or xbox version for that matter. Don’t worry its natural not to know the controls of ever new game you come across (especially touch screen games) – Thats why we have crafted this simple guide on how to craft in minecraft pocket edition!

First things first you are going to need your touch screen device switched onto minecraft pocket edition, ready to start crafting:

Step one – Making a crafting table

To get our self a crafting table we are first going to need to acquire some wood, so using your fist you need to break down a tree ( two block of tree are enough)

How to craft in minecraft pocket edition - 1

Now we got the wood, we can get to making the crafting table, click the little more item, After this you need to click craft

Now your getting the grips of it! All we have to do now is select the wooden planks and then the crafting table

How to craft in minecraft pocket edition - 2

Step two – Crafting

Great so we have a crafting table now but we need to find a nice placed to put it down

How to craft in minecraft pocket edition - 4

We have a crafting table down, so all you have to do now is click on it and now you can create most items in the game (if you got the resources)

How to craft in minecraft pocket edition - 5

Step three – You did it!

So there you have it; it is as simple as abc, all you need is your wood and the know how of the buttons to press and then hey presto! You got a fancy new crafting table and all new items, all because you learnt how to craft in minecraft pocket edition! If you ever get your self into a pickle we are always ready to help – Hey why not check out some of our other minecraft pocket edition guides, or if you are also a desktop player, why not checkout our top 10 minecraft modpacks?



Best Guide to pulling an All-Nighter

In today’s gaming world all-nighters as they are called, seem necessary for many reasons: you may have a project with a brutal deadline and need to use an all-nighter to get back on track or to finish the project or  you may need to do one to quickly fix a broken sleeping pattern, after a long term break off of work. However whatever reason you need, here is an article to help you with the infamous struggle that is an all-nighter.

Initially, its best to have some caffeine, and while I recommend an energy drink, (due to the unique blend caffeine and sugar) some people may simply prefer a strong cup of coffee. This will be needed to survive later in the night, and is especially useful if fragile human being isn’t used to large amounts of caffeine.

Energy drinks - All-Nighter

What on earth do you want to do?

Plan the night out, if not you could end up immensely bored, heck you may even find your self browsing TheHackLabs. Depending on what you are planning to do will depend on what you plan, I suggest you plan hourly exercise breaks, as exercise is a simple and natural way to increase your heart-rate and make you feel more awake, and if you hate exercise you only need around 5 minutes every hour to give a quick boost to your heart-rate.Depending on your sleeping pattern (for the article we will presume you go to sleep at 11pm) you may feel tired sooner or later, once it is past the time you generally go to sleep you may feel tired, but this is just the start. We recommend you having a small cup of coffee; it is light, simple and will make you feel awake and refreshed.

Great, now I know what Im doing… now what?

During while its dark outside its best to stay in a very well lit room, as it will keep you awake. Its also best to never feel too comfortable, if you are too comfortable you may end up falling asleep, and we don’t want that, do we? Feeling tired now? Desperate for sleep? Unsure of how you will survive the rest of the night? If it is still dark, then its timef for the overuse of that caffeine I recommended the energy as suggested earlier. Just drink it as you would a normal drink, the caffeine should kick in shortly…


Any advice for the aftermath?

If or When it is now light outside, I recommend you make a nice cup of coffee and go sit outside for a bit. if the sun is out, it will stimulate your body to make serotonin, which is a hormone that is used by our body clocks to wake us up in the morning. Getting it with the coffee should help keep you awake, and will make you feel happier as well, which is never a bad thing. Now you have survived the all-nighter, try as hard as you can to get back into your normal routine, and maybe have some caffeine related drink every few hours, until a few hours before your normal sleeping time, just to ensure you stay awake, as if you fall asleep in the day you will have potentially ruined your sleeping pattern, and will then have to spend the time trying to fix it, which isn’t any fun at all…

Let me know of your; all-nighter, tips and tricks and be sure to follow each step in order to achieve maximum efficiently.

EGX London Featured Gaming New Release Technology

Eurogamer 2013 Tickets now on sale!

The Eurogamer Expo returns to London’s Earls Court from 26th-29th September 2013 for four days of hardcore hands-on gaming, developer sessions, tournaments, competitions, parties and much more! – and to top it off: tickets are on sale now. So get them before they go!

On top of this, Virgin Media has renewed and extended its partnership to cover all the events at the EuroGamer expo. Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show is also coming backand GameHorizon. Last year Virgin Media ran the 100-Day Game Project, which supported a small dev team called: grassroots game development by teaching a development team (consisting entirely of a group students) to create a game in 100 days. The finished title being named: Superfluid, which was subsequently released on the Android and iOS platforms and the people who made it got full game development jobs in the UK due to its astounding success.


Virgin Media will be doing some other really cool stuff this year. Virgin Media customers will be able to access half-price tickets with early access to the show floor (Max 4 Tickets under this exclusive deal)

Every year at the Expo publishers and developers bring the latest early alpha and beta builds of games in that are currently in its stages of development (and also some pretty cool game systems) for you to try before they are finished, optimised and sold.


Tickets are on sale now! But are running out very at a very fast rate,and after just 4 hours the early access tickets for the saturday expo have ran out! so we here at DoubleUpGaming highly recommend you buy a ticket before they run out, so you do not not to miss out on any of the life changing opportunities that are placed in front of you!

Below is a video of the EuroGamer trailer: