Announcing The Indie Game Initiative

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If you follow our social media, you may have recently heard of The #IndieGameInitiative

Indie game developers are at the pinnacle of their game but still many struggle to get known in a society where only triple A titles are given the glory – WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS ! At this point we would also like to thank #IndieDevHour / CheekySpriteProjects for helping us with our announcement.

The Indie Game Initiative is for ALL Indie developers

Sometimes being an indie game developer can be hard –  when it comes to publishing  an amazing new indie games it’s going to need a little exposure. A kickstarter Campaign? It is going to need support. A new game changing announcement? It is going to need the help of a media site like ours!

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What can DoubleUpGaming do? We can support any developer part of The Indie Game Initiative through articles, reviews, interviews and much more – and all of this is made possible because of  readers and developers like you!

So why are you doing this?

DoubleupGaming wants to support british Indie game developers and at some point during the future, Indie game developers worldwide. The “Made in creative UK” campaign has played a key role in our decision to support british developers but if you are a developer based outside of the UK please still contact us. is a small site dedicated to gaming, however over the last couple of years it has  become much, much more. With goals to support and help grow the gaming community we want to bring everyone together including the indie gaming developer community. In spite of this announcement our plans do not end here! With enough momentum and support we have even greater plans for the initiative which will be announced on our official launch later this year.


I’m a Indie game developer, how can I get involved?

If you would like to get your early start in the Initiative, please visit this link to be added to  DoubleUpGaming’s growing list of indie game developers. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to email [email protected], where we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also support us by tweeting with the hashtag #IndieGameInitiative.

I’m a reader and want to support this!

If you follow our site and want to support this, please  can let us know of any indie developers that may be interested by using the same email as above, alternatively you can also use the hash tag to spread the love of every indie game featured on the site.

Image Credit of games included in the featured image  from some of the indie game developers we are working with – Left to right, down: HashTag DungeonGeneration ShipBoru moThe Nightmare Cooperative, Tall Tails Puzzle Adventure, The forest

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