Best Guide to pulling an All-Nighter

In today’s gaming world all-nighters as they are called, seem necessary for many reasons: you may have a project with a brutal deadline and need to use an all-nighter to get back on track or to finish the project or  you may need to do one to quickly fix a broken sleeping pattern, after a long term break off of work. However whatever reason you need, here is an article to help you with the infamous struggle that is an all-nighter.

Initially, its best to have some caffeine, and while I recommend an energy drink, (due to the unique blend caffeine and sugar) some people may simply prefer a strong cup of coffee. This will be needed to survive later in the night, and is especially useful if fragile human being isn’t used to large amounts of caffeine.

Energy drinks - All-Nighter

What on earth do you want to do?

Plan the night out, if not you could end up immensely bored, heck you may even find your self browsing TheHackLabs. Depending on what you are planning to do will depend on what you plan, I suggest you plan hourly exercise breaks, as exercise is a simple and natural way to increase your heart-rate and make you feel more awake, and if you hate exercise you only need around 5 minutes every hour to give a quick boost to your heart-rate.Depending on your sleeping pattern (for the article we will presume you go to sleep at 11pm) you may feel tired sooner or later, once it is past the time you generally go to sleep you may feel tired, but this is just the start. We recommend you having a small cup of coffee; it is light, simple and will make you feel awake and refreshed.

Great, now I know what Im doing… now what?

During while its dark outside its best to stay in a very well lit room, as it will keep you awake. Its also best to never feel too comfortable, if you are too comfortable you may end up falling asleep, and we don’t want that, do we? Feeling tired now? Desperate for sleep? Unsure of how you will survive the rest of the night? If it is still dark, then its timef for the overuse of that caffeine I recommended the energy as suggested earlier. Just drink it as you would a normal drink, the caffeine should kick in shortly…


Any advice for the aftermath?

If or When it is now light outside, I recommend you make a nice cup of coffee and go sit outside for a bit. if the sun is out, it will stimulate your body to make serotonin, which is a hormone that is used by our body clocks to wake us up in the morning. Getting it with the coffee should help keep you awake, and will make you feel happier as well, which is never a bad thing. Now you have survived the all-nighter, try as hard as you can to get back into your normal routine, and maybe have some caffeine related drink every few hours, until a few hours before your normal sleeping time, just to ensure you stay awake, as if you fall asleep in the day you will have potentially ruined your sleeping pattern, and will then have to spend the time trying to fix it, which isn’t any fun at all…

Let me know of your; all-nighter, tips and tricks and be sure to follow each step in order to achieve maximum efficiently.

By Connor Bulmer

I am a lover of computing / gaming, and have used computers all my life. I program in Python and Visual Basic as a hobby and also attempt to bring you my IT knowledge through my website

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