7 Reasons Why: You Need A Gamer Girlfriend


When searching for that one, true soulmate, there are certain attributes that you need to consider before you invest emotionally in that person.

For example, can they make a mean bacon sandwich? If no, then they may not be the one for you.


There is one important aspect of a partner’s personality that we always forget to consider: are they a gamer?

Many will say that it isn’t necessary to have a gamer girlfriend in their life but boy, are they wrong!

That’s why, today we are going to discuss:

7 Reasons Why: You Need A Gamer Girlfriend

Here are the main reasons having a girl who likes to game can seriously spice up your relationship and even make it a long lasting one too!

1. You’ll both have something in common


The worst thing to happen in a relationship is when a pair have absolutely nothing in common: no interests, no hobbies, no sports, nothing!

If two people are so different, they’ll find it incredibly difficult to find something to do together that they’ll both enjoy.

However, if you both love having a controller in your hand, you’ll never have to worry about what you guys are going to do in your spare time together.

Hours can be lost enjoying quality time on your favourite video games and you guys can fully geek out on your favourite characters, which leads me onto my next point:

2. You can become a Gaming Power Couple


Remember that dream set-up you always pictured having one day? Imagine having that dream set-up for two.

Remember how you always wanted to dress as Link for that nearby gaming event? Well now you have a Zelda to go with you.

Remember that game you could never complete because the boss level was too hard? With a gamer girlfriend you’ll have an extra soldier to help you along the way.

There are endless ways in which a gamer girlfriend could improve your gaming life including completing those co-op games you could never play before.

You could even turn some of your much loved games into shared projects for both of you to complete together. For example, Destiny has an awesome multiplayer campaign that two people can support each other with!

3. She will save your butt in a Zombie Apocalypse.


We all know that games have the benefit of developing real life skills in its players and if you have a gamer girlfriend, she has most likely played a zombie killing game in some shape or form.


If, one day, there does come the time that our civilization is faced with a living dead attack, you have the advantage of a killer girlfriend that can help keep you alive.

She won’t freak out at the site of dead people and will know exactly how to kill them.

Plus, you won’t be left with the responsibility of keeping her alive! You know full well that she can keep herself well.

Another benefit that you can have if we don’t find ourselves amidst a zombie apocalypse:

4. She’ll know exactly what to get you for your birthday and Christmas.


As she understands your likes and dislikes and comprehends your deep passion for gaming, she will have no trouble finding some perfect games and goodies to give as presents.

You won’t find yourself in the severely awkward situation of having her buy you a copy of No Man’s Sky thinking “everyone loves that game”.

Instead, she’ll already know all the latest games and will have them ready as gifts before you’ve even made a list!

In addition, your gamer girlfriend could come up with some cute, quirky ways to surprise you. There is a bewildering number of weird and wonderful gamer gifts on the internet and she’ll know exactly what to get you.

If you need some examples, you should take a look at some weird and wonderful christmas gifts for gamers. 

A big benefit that has been seen in a number of relationships:

5. You can play the best drinking games


Fun fact: The best way to make drinking games is with video games. This has been tested and approved by a bunch of gamers.

A great way to connect with a partner is to get drunk with them and if you’re both into video games, you can combine the two.

A classic example: enjoy your favourite first person shooter and whenever you die in team deathmatch, take a shot.

Or, hows about COD Bingo.

Make a bunch of rules and when one of the happens, you have to drink. I.e.

  • Every time you die, drink
  • Some little kid freaks out in the game lobby, drink
  • Someone achieves winning kill on you, drink

I think you get the point.

6. She will definitely impress your mates


If your gamer girlfriend is a frequent player, she can be at two different levels of play. She is either:

  • At the same level as you
  • Better than you

Therefore, when you and her are playing online with some friends, she will either be as good as them or better.

You now potentially have a girl that can beat all your friends at their favourite games. You have an all new kind of power. 

Plus, if you find moments where you’re struggling against your friends online, you could ask your girlfriend to take over and pretend to be you. She can win for you.

And you never have to tell your friends that it was her all along.

7. You have found the perfect way to solve arguments


Arguments will always be a part of a healthy relationship no matter how close you and your partner are. Sometimes, when that argument is becoming too intense, you need a way to resolve it.

And what better way to fix it than to prove your worth in a multiplayer battle. 

Rather than physically lashing out your anger, you can do it in a virtual world in a completely legal matter.

Both of you have the opportunity to pick a weapon of your choice and to the death.

You can use gaming to decide a whole variety of things like who gets the last slice of pizza, who has to take out the rubbish, who is allowed to name your child etc.

So there are my 7 reasons why you should only ever date Gamers!

Have any more ideas why dating a gamer is the most amazing thing? Let us know!

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