7 Reasons Why: Console Gaming is Better than PC


Every Gamer under the sun knows that Console Gaming is waaaaaay better than PC Gaming whether they like to admit it or not.

Many PC Gamers hide their feelings incredibly well with plenty of invalid counter arguments. I, myself, don’t see the attraction to using PCs for something other than powerpoint; PC Gaming is just “a phase”.

Of course, I joke.

PC Gaming is alright (I guess). However, I am still a firm believer in console gaming being the future of this industry.

Therefore, I have concocted some reasons (7 to be exact) as to why Consoles are much much better than PCs.

Consoles are easier to play


So after reading this, you might be thinking “If PCs are harder to play, that makes PC Gamers the superior Gamers”. No.

It is simple to find games for consoles that are equally as challenging on PC. The simplicity of many of the games available for console means a wider variety of people can enjoy them.

Take for example families with younger children. If their parents are like most other parents, they won’t exactly be the most experienced of players so definitely won’t be asking for the most difficult titles to play.

As for the children, we want to be introducing them into gaming not scaring them away with inconceivable controls of a PC. Thus, consoles hold the perfect option.

Consoles only require simple setup


GPU, Ram, Motherboard, Hyperdrive, Holodeck: Just a few of the things you have to consider when constructing your PC setup.

What is needed for the console? As long as you have a TV and a few plug sockets (and of course, the console and everything that comes with it), you’re off and away. Just plug in a few leads and you’re done. That’s it.

A counter argument to this would be “By buying all the seperate parts to the computer, you have the most up-to-date gaming setup possible”.

But for PC gamers, it doesn’t take long before part of their setup is out-of-date and they have to splash out even more cash to update it.

For consoles, any updates for the software are automatic and developers are always making games to play; there is no need to update the hardware for at least a few years!

Consoles don’t have to be played at a desk


Consoles can be considered comfortable ways to play games as TVs are usually located at the end of beds or in front of couches thus gaming experiences are filled with cushions and blankets.

PCs are typically found on desks; definitely not as comfortable.

I know there’s nothing stopping them using a TV as their monitor but where do you put your keyboard and mouse? You need some sort of desk.

Anyway, if you Search for “Awesome Gaming PC Setups” you will find yourself with a number of desks and a lack of comfy pillows.

For a variety of gamers, comfort might not be integral. This might turn out to be a more personal opinion. My ideal gaming setup is being wrapped up in multiple blankets with a number of snacks by my side, one controller I can hold comfortably in my hand and I nice, big screen in front of me.

Another benefit to comfy setups as the ease of play when using multiplayer functions.

Say you’re at a party and playing Mario Kart with your friends. A PC Setup at desk wouldn’t hold the perfect option for everyone to play together comfortable. However, a console does.

Consoles are Cheaper


This is not one to be argued with.

There are so many, seperate components to be purchased for PCs that it brings them to unimaginable prices compared to consoles.

Not only are they expensive to be build but there are also expensive to update having to purchase multiple items just to keep the system up-to-date.

As for consoles, you buy what comes in the box, the screen and the games and that’s all!

People may argue that games are terribly expensive for consoles but comparing prices to games in store and games on Steam, the prices are incredibly similar.

Lan Play is much more effective on Consoles


“But you can play Locally on PC”. Shhh your winey mouths.

The LAN Play I’m talking about is when you all sit in one room, each with a controller in hand.

With multiplayer being so simple, anyone can take part: Family, group of friends, etc.

This definitely makes consoles more orientated for groups of people that want to play together with little to no effort.

Don’t have to know every spec of the console to buy a game


As I mentioned in the section regarding complicated PC Setup, all those expensive components you buy each have their own specification. If something in your setup isn’t good enough, you can’t play all the games you want.

Therefore, you need to know exactly everything about your PC and its “system requirements” in order to purchase a game. Frustrating

Processors, Memory, graphics and more are all things that need to be checked before actually playing the game.

For console gamers, there’s one thing they need to remember: what console do they own. Then they make sure they buy a title avaliable for their console.

Thanks to this, no one playing with a console is at more of an advantage to any other players due to hardware. We all possess the same console so all experience the game the same.

PC players with a worse setup than another player will struggle to perform as well due to an increase in bugs, glitches etc.

Exclusive Titles


“But PCs also have their own exclusive titles!”. Are you still here?!

Consoles are blessed with a number of well loved games made exclusively for them. Halo for Xbox 1, LittleBigPlanet for PS4 and so many more titles.

Sure, PCs have their own titles but nowhere near as many.

Developers are more like to construct their game for consoles as they already know the specs of the console. In order for a company to know whether the game works for the majority of PCs, they have to test it on quite a few setups.


For consoles, there’s a very select handful that they have to test on.

Therefore, consoles are easier and cheaper and less time consuming to develop for.

To Conclude: Consoles are superior.

If this article has offended you, please note that I am very accepting of what ever platform you wish to play. You are who you are, PC Gamers and we love you all the same.

If you have plenty more arguments to throw our way for PC Gaming, hold your tongue and watch this space; there are plenty of writers at DoubleUpGaming that disagree with me…

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